Research Aims

This network examines the expected challenges presented by changing hydro-climatic patterns, the adaptation strategies that communities and managers pursue in response, and the dynamic conditions for resilience. We aim to create a network, extending current disparate efforts, that will persist for years to come and serve as a model for Pan-American scientific collaboration. The long-term vision of the network is to:

  • Integrate data and other products from existing field research and modeling efforts related to water quantity and quality, climate simulations, land use patterns, water governance, ecosystem services, and others.
  • Improve understanding of how human communities adapt to changing water resources along the transect and the impact of sustainable management through adaptation.
  • Integrate biophysical and socio-economic data through empirical and modeling efforts, and identify gaps in data and knowledge.
  • Build future interdisciplinary, international, intellectual capacity through university partnerships to advance and accelerate education and engagement programs on water resources management.
  • Contribute to the interdisciplinary training of a globally engaged workforce.

The network will expand the team’s expertise, provide participants with broad access to sites and data, and allow for cross-scale studies not otherwise possible without coordination around the common goal.