Network Leadership

Jan BollCivil & Environmental Engineering, Washington State University

Expertise: watershed modeling, water quality

Mark StoneCivil Engineering, University of New Mexico

Expertise: river engineering, ecosystem services

Alex FremierSchool of the Environment, Washington State University

Expertise: riverine ecosystems, ecosystem services

Julie PadowskiState of Washington Water Research Center, Washington State University

Expertise: municipal water, water planning & management

Marygold Walsh-DilleySocial and Behavioral Sciences, University of New Mexico

Expertise: community resilience, agricultural systems


Steering Committee

José Luis ArumiDept. of Water Resources, Universidad de Concepción

Expertise: irrigated systems, water management, Andean hydrology

Ricardo Sánchez-Murillo- Chemistry, University of Texas at Arlington (USA)

Expertise: tropical ecohydrology, stable isotope hydrology, water conflicts

Christopher Scott Development of Ecosystem Science and Management, PennState (USA)

Expertise: science-policy, hydropower-irrigation nexus, water security

Jennifer AdamCivil & Environ. Eng, Washington State University

Expertise: climate change impacts, earth systems modeling, water resources

Rolando CélleriWater Resources & Environmental Science, Universidad de Cuenca (Ecuador)

Expertise: hydrometeorology, high-elevation hydrology, ecohydrology

Didier Gastmans- Environmental Studies Center, Universidad de Estade São Paulista

Expertise: groundwater hydrology, geochemistry, isotope hydrology

Fabian Drenkhan – Geography and the Environment, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Peru)

Expertise: glaciers, risks & water management; climate change adaptation


Christian BirkelSchool of Geography, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
(Costa Rica)

Expertise: hydrologic connectivity, hydrologic modeling, land use change

Patricio Crespo- Water Resources & Environmental Science, Universidad de Cuenca

Expertise: high-elevation tropical ecosystems, alpine grasslands, land use change

Joseph Galewsky Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico

Expertise: global climate dynamics, high-elevation atmospheric-land interactions

Ricardo González-PinzónDept. Civil Eng, University of New Mexico

Expertise: stream ecology, hydrologic transport, ecosystem services

Ricardo BarraEnvironmental Sciences, EULA Chile Center, University of Concepcion

Expertise: biochemistry, environmental science, ecotoxicology

Cristián Kremer- Agronomic Sciences, Universidad de Chile

Expertise: irrigated agriculture, water resources management, soil physics

Facundo Martín- Dept of Geography, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo CONICET (Argentina)

Expertise: political ecology, rural sociology

Enrique Muñoz- Civil Engineering, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción

Expertise: Andean hydrology, modeling uncertainty

Melanie Stansbury- Utton Transboundary Resources Center, University of New Mexico (USA)

Expertise: water policy, management, and community development

Jonathan Yoder School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University

Expertise: water law, natural resource economics

Benjamin Warner- Geography & Enviro. Studies, University of New Mexico

Expertise: Development geography, including water governance and institutions

Scott JasechkoEnviron. Science and Management, University of California- Santa Barbara (USA)
Expertise: watershed services, stable isotope hydrology, hydro-climatology
Wouter Buytaert – Civil & Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London

Expertise: water resources & security, citizen science, participatory research


Pathways Fellows