About the Network

We have developed a network of scholars from twelve universities in six countries to analyze a set of headwater watersheds to understand climate change response, particularly changes in water supply, and the resilience and adaptation properties of headwater dependent systems (HDSs).

Our initial RCN is located along a North-South Transect of the Americas stretching from the northern Rockies to the southern Andes (the ‘Transect’). The RCN is designed to formalize and enhance disparate and new connections and collaborations among team members, and is conceptualized as five regions from north to south: 1) Northern Rockies (WSU); 2) Southern Rockies (UNM); 3) Central America (UCR & UNCR); 4) Northern Andes (UCE); and 5) Southern Andes (UdCC, UCSC, CONICET).

The network brings together expertise in: 1) latitudinal climate change variability using isotope data and modeling; 2) water mass balance of glacier/snow/rainfall systems; 3) water resource system governance, resilience, and adaptation; and 4) interdisciplinary research, education, and training.